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        Sipsey Wilder is a labor of love manifested by Kelly Lambert, an adventure loving Alabama native and artist. The project began with the desire to make nature inspired, minimalist bags that focus on being hands free, versatile and made with vegan materials. In collaboration with her sister Kristin, the pair created original bag styles (many of which are soon to be produced) that are useful, fun and hold just what you need for a life on the go. 

        We at Sipsey Wilder are lovers of nature, critters and don’t mind getting in the dirt. We want our hands free for doin' stuff so want simple bags that stay close to the body and hold just what we need. We wanted to offer our friends a line of bags with these qualities but also a diverse range of interesting prints that speak to who they are. 

        Our name is inspired by the wild and diverse wonder that is the Sipsey River or "Sipsey River Swamp" located in west Alabama. This fascinating river is one of the last free flowing swamp streams in the state and is considered one of Alabama's Ten Natural Wonders. 




        Recycling, re-using packing material and minimizing waste is a daily part of our operations. Our products are ethically made in both the USA and China.