Frequently Asked Questions – Sipsey Wilder
Thank you so much for the support through these difficult times. Stay safe everyone! ❤️
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    When will I receive my pre-ordered item?

    You can find an estimated ship time in red text at the top of pre-order item product descriptions. Pre-order ship time estimates are usually accurate within a 7-10 day range. If you do not receive your pre-order within 14 days of the estimated time please contact us so we know there is a problem with your shipment. 

    Where are your products made?

    We have relationships with two manufacturers in China we trust to make our beautiful bags & wallets. They are very good to us, allowing a small business like ours to do small batches of multiple print items as we grow our business. Both of these manufacturers are long-standing professionals in the bag making industry and have good reputations for upholding ethical policies in the workplace. We have not been able to find a manufacturer stateside willing to do the small batches of multiple prints that we require despite the interest in having our products made in the USA.

    Our stickers, pins and patches are made in the USA.

    We also sell a few fair trade products made by artisans around the globe.

    How quickly do you ship in stock items?

    In stock items ship within 1-3 business days (Monday-Friday). Due to COVID-19 we are operating reduced hours and are currently typically shipping on Mondays, Wednesdays and most Fridays.

    Where do you get your designs for the fabric?

    Most of the artwork and fabric designs come from the creator and owner of Sipsey Wilder, Kelly Lambert. We have a few collaborations with other artists and hope to feature the artwork of more collaborators in the future. 

    Interested in a collaboration with Sipsey Wilder? Contact us at to share your work and learn more about future opportunities! 

    How can I find out when something will be back in stock?

    The best way to stay informed is by signing up for our newsletter. You can find the sign-up form for this on the bottom left-hand corner of the homepage. We email about once a week with updates on new products, when things are back in stock and other random information.

    How do the different waist bags compare by size and capacity?

    We are currently working on some media to better showcase the capacity of the bags. For now, here is a quick visual size comparison. The Ranger Hip Pack is the largest. The Hip Bag, Fanny Pack & 3-in-1 Bag have similar capacities. The Lux Hip Pouch is a little smaller. Then the smallest and lowest profile is the Pocket Belt.